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Keeping it Simple

After one of my transplanting sessions with dad, we stopped and chatted for a bit. Somehow our conversation moved into discussing watering methods for tiny seedlings. I was teasing him about the Tim Horton cups he uses for watering and asked what he liked about them. Well a hearty conversation ensued with demos from dad. lol

Dad taking a little break, while we had a big discussion about watering methods.

Dad demonstrated how flexible these cups were, stating that he could control the stream of water depending on how tight he squeezed the cup. He said these were perfect for watering his tiny seedlings; gentle with a controlled stream of water.

Here he is demonstrating how easy it is to control the cup and water flow.

After dad sat down, he had one more demo he wanted to do to add to his point regarding the usefulness of this simple tool.  Dad grabbed a mug, filled it with water and began to water a plant outside with it. The water flow was anything but controlled! He mentioned how it pools at the bottom of the cup, plopping water everywhere and definitely not in an orderly fashion!

Dad was not impressed with the way in which water plopped out of the mug–definitely not a controlled flow!

 So the moral of the story is Tim Horton’s cups or any flexible cup and seedlings make a good partnership! Not to mention that sometimes the simplest of tool can also be very effective.

During out cup discussion, I mentioned how some people liked to plant seeds in these cups as well.  So on my next visit, dad served up some fresh tomato plants in Tim Horton cups and one of their trays. These were going to be the perfect gift to a few people he gives his tomato plants to. We had a good chuckle over this little demo!

With the expansion of dad’s greenhouse, mom knew watering all his seedlings was going to be a much bigger job. She has been filling up all dad’s watering buckets for him and also purchased two great watering cans. One larger one for when the plants were more mature and a smaller one for tiny plants.

The little yellow can is so cute and a perfect size for tiny plants.


Above you can see dad’s watering cans in action! By removing the spray top off the yellow can, he was able to get a nice stream of water for larger plants.

I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes story about one of our many conversations. You really don’t need elaborate gardening tools to be an effective gardener. Sometimes simple is better!

Steve’s Tips

Use the appropriate watering tool when watering different sized plants.

Use a very gentle and controlled water flow when watering tiny seedlings.

I’m heading up to see dad again today and will gather more information and photos to share with you soon!

Happy Gardening!


Steve and Debbie

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