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Greenhouse Finale!

After dad moved his plants out of his greenhouse to greet the world, life became even busier. Hence, my delay in posting these greenhouse finale pictures. Dad was busy planting his vegetable garden and I was busy planting and taking care of my own floral gardens. I am happy to say dad’s vegetable garden was planted by the first week in July and my gardens are basically finished as well. Now that the heat has hit, dad’s vegetable garden is taking off, as well as the plants and seeds I added to my gardens! I love watching plants grow. Some plants seem to grow overnight!

As many of you know, by the end of the spring season, dad’s green house was an explosion of plants. Here are some highlight photos I took. I hope you enjoy viewing them!




At this point, dad was happy to send his plants out to the world to live a happy life. The task of watering all these plants becomes very time-consuming when they have grown to this size. It was so amazing to see how fast they had blossomed from tiny seeds to full vibrant plants in such a short span of time.

The gallery below contains a selection of photos I took just before dad’s plants left his greenhouse to greet the world! Just follow the arrows to browse through all the photos.

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So many of these plants are now thriving in both family and friends’ gardens! Many thanks to dad for sharing his love of gardening and his floral bounty with us all. Also thanks to mom for assisting dad in this year’s gardening endeavor!

I’ve enjoyed all the talks dad and I had this past spring. On this day, dad had a seat while we discussed the business of watering his plants.

A picture of dad and I, at our Father’s Day celebration this past June, 2017.

Life After the Greenhouse

After dad was finished with his greenhouse this year, he proceeded to plant his large vegetable garden. Here is a photo of the area of land he has tilled every year for his garden. After the land was tilled, he began planting his vegetable transplants from the greenhouse as well as planting seeds directly into the ground. In the near future, I will take some photos of his growing garden to share. I will also share some of the beautiful flowers that are growing on mom and dad’s property

Thanks so much to everyone who followed along with dad’s greenhouse adventures both on this blog and on our social media platforms.  My future posts and photos, will be about life after the greenhouse!

Happy Gardening Everyone! I hope the magic of summer and its many delights are bringing joy to your days!


Steve and Debbie

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