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Welcome to Steve’s Greenhouse!

I am so happy you have come to visit! The main focus of this blog, is to document and share my 85 year old father’s passion for gardening. I am so pleased Dad and I will be working together on this special project. I will be the recorder of his abundant knowledge in gardening which was acquired mostly through experience. Together we will share dad’s gardening adventures, knowledge and tips. Please feel free to comment on any future blog posts as I will happily share them with dad.

Although this blog is mainly focused on dad’s gardening passion, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my mom. She is also someone I greatly love and admire, who is an avid supporter in dad’s gardening pursuits. Joan purchases seeds and assists in both the placement and planting of dad’s greenhouse bounty. This year it was mom’s idea to expand dad’s greenhouse, as she knows how taxing it is for dad when he begins to run out of space for all his transplants. She got the ball rolling and now a new addition is coming to fruition!

All our family reap the benefits of dad’s robust output of both floral and vegetable plants. My brother and I tote home trays of gorgeous plants to beautify our own family homes. Our love and appreciation of gardening has definitely been passed down by our parents.

Finding joy in nature is a gift one relishes with more intensity as the years march on. This love of nature has seeped into my own artistic expression. It has helped me weather the storms of life over the years. I think we all need a dose of nature on a regular basis to maintain our own inner connections.

“As I leave the garden, I take with me a renewed view, and a quiet soul. “

~ Jessica Coupe

So grab your gardening tools, a sense of wonder and let’s find a little piece of heaven by digging up some earth!



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Great website !

Renee Delight-La Totre
Renee Delight-La Totre

This is so wonderful! I garden on the Oregon coast. While I am not a novice, I am a beginner. I am looking forward to reading, enjoying, and learning!


I loved reading about your Dad. So neat he is sharing his knowledge about gardening with you Debbie…special memories!